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Parenting at its Finest

Parenting at its finest

This is parenting at its finest folks. 🙂

Owen is one.  Already!  This year has flown by so quickly.  I am struggling to keep up with life and all of the goodness that comes along with having small children.  Of course, the struggle is real.  Anyone with small kids knows this.  Its hard to make enough time for everyone including yourself.  Once your kids are older and start school, life gets even busier.  There are clubs, activities, homework (starting in kindergarten!), family time, holidays and daily life.  One question that many people ask me is “How do you do it?  You have 3 kids under 6 and you are a work at home mom.”  My answer is always the same, “the struggle is real”.  I often forget to set aside time for myself because I am really busy giving the best parts of myself to my kids and everyone else but, I am trying to be better about also giving my best parts of me to myself also.

Last year when Owen joined our family, I swore to take a breath and enjoy all his newborn moments.  And I honestly did that.  I snuggled him as much as I could.  I held him non stop.  I believe that food spoils and babies don’t.  🙂 I kissed his chubby cheeks all the time (still do) and enjoyed everything that he offered to our family.  I tried to do this with Oliver too when he was born.  The reality is that no matter how much time we take to stop and enjoy the small things, life is still fast moving and time goes on.

It is true, as your family grows by number and age, life seems to fly by quicker.  There is no magic spell to stop time.  But, we can all enjoy moments.  I have learned to put my phone down, stop checking in and on things.  It is 100% okay to disconnect from the world.  It is okay to sit and watch Toy Story 3 for the thousandth time with your kids.  We will all miss these days.  We will forget about how we didn’t shower for days, were so tired that our eyes were about to fall out and forget about the hard moments had with our kids.  The reality is this; that parenting is hard.  It is really really hard.  Someone once said to me: “Ashley, you will see one day, when you are a parent; it’s the hardest job you will ever love.  You will want to quit and throw the towel in more than once but, you will do it and you will love it, even through all the frustrating moments.”

These words are truer than any other parenting words I have ever heard.  Parenting is the hardest job I have ever loved.  All the frustrating and hard moments are replaced with the joyful moments.  The joyful moments always trump the hard moments.    I always remind my self too, that this too shall pass.  Time passes quickly.  We age and grow, forget and remember.  At the end of the day I always give thanks for my many blessings in life and snuggle my kids.

So here I am, in all my motherhood glory holding my sleepy babes, watching movies with them, going to the park with them and really just loving this moment in time and enjoying it all to the max.


(cell phone pics, because Im a busy parent just like you 😉 )

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